COD mobile release


With Call of Duty Mobile release date set for Oct. 1st, 2019. What can be expected as a mobile gamer? What can it be expected as a COD fan? We cannot forget how hard it is to play on a mobile devices especially games that contains many buttons that interfere with the screen. It is something very hard to achieve when they are already claiming to be the best mobile game of the year. Claiming to be the best experience the user has ever had on a mobile device.

These are very big claims. I guess we have to see if the game is ready on the beginning of this upcoming month. Let us hope that these claims are real, it will become a huge let down for the company to create this illusions of the game in a mobile level and not meet the users criteria. For all of us COD fans we have to wait, we have to be patient and let the ball roll. There will be patches and bug fixes for the first quarter of the game, it is common , it’s understandable. Will they have enough security measures to deny access to players trying to cheat the system? We all know about jailbreaks and how many ways you can bypass the security features. We will see on Oct 1st. We will keep you posted.

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