Mariokart Tour review

As our likes and dislikes evolve over the years, we have to accept the fact that some things that at one point captivated our hearts may no longer do so. We cannot keep holding onto these things. We have to let go so we can preserve the image. The image as we once were happy and satisfied.

Nintendo became the nostalgic company that brought Mario back in business. When they first introduced it to App store. Today they have brought us Mario Kart Tour. Which is a classic multiplayer game, MARIO KART broke friendships, relationships and made frenemies. It was our everything, you wanted to settle a dispute with your friend, you went and took “BOWSER” and they played. Well that game came to the App Store and Android store.

Tomorrow you can play with friends, families or even play with your kids. How fun would that be? Now you can be freely playing vs the people you hold dearly without being right next to them.

The game has a tutorial where you take which driving style fits you best. We assume that it gives you the opportunity to modify over time. Of course it will have In-app purchases. It would not be Nintendo if it didn’t have them. Nonetheless the game brings back memories, the only thing as of right now that we find a little bit of a hassle is the log in phase. You even have to wait for a email confirmation. Do not forget of a paid subscription.

Why don’t we let you be the judge of the game!

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