Ghost Recon’s “Breakpoint” review

As Ghost Recon’s Breakpoint Beta comes to an end, this is what we have to say before the release of the same. The game offers a HUGE advantage for teams. Yes you can go “lone wolf” but some missions and checkpoints encourage you to perform with an attack team.

When you join the session with your friends you might end up far from them. But no worries you get in a bike and quickly reach their location. You can upgrade your players abilities with skill points. When you buy equipment you have to do it after setting up camp. Yes, you have to set up camp in order ti perform crafts, upgrade, buy ,feed and many more options that do not offer in gameplay. When acquiring items we recommend that you do not dismantle items for scraps because they can be sold at the store later on. Weapons give the higher credits. Explosive and ordnance give 10-20 credit points. After interviewing multiple gamers they all explain their discomfort in hydrating after sprinting under fire. “It is way to many buttons to press” some players claimed.

Sponsord by cricutholic
Sponsored by cricutholic

The graphics of the game offer huge advantages for tactical purposes. Weapons are similar to “The Division 2” by the same developers. You can fly helos, cobras, planes or simply drive and with someone on the turret. The turrets have a six barrel, belt fed mini-gun. The snipers rifles come with sights which you can sell and buy better sights that fit your needs.

Overall the game offers the experience of being in a special operations unit without enlisting in the military. Kudos on the developers on creating a game that plays very close to reality.