Will FaZe Clan and Manchester City collab. impact how the world see E-Sports?

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How would you feel if gaming made a collaboration with an Athletic sports team? How would you feel if it was you or your offspring who did a collaborating with your favorite team? Well, let me introduce you to FaZe Clan. If by now you do not know who they are you better step out the cave you call home. This clan has around 200 million followers worldwide and over 500 million monthly views. Yes, 500 million monthly views we did not write a typo, it is safe to say it is the biggest e-sports gaming organization. Being the biggest clan on the gaming community they took the initiative to merge gamers with athletic sports fans. Manchester City football club responded to FaZe Clan and decided to match their efforts to unite two fans, two sports, two communities and make two worlds unite. “Through this partnership, the organizations will bring together the worlds of football and esports across a number of exciting initiatives.FaZe and City will collaborate to create engaging content with talent and players, as well has hosting exclusive fans events in the US and around the world.”– according to a press release made by MANCITY this past Thursday 26 Sep 2019.

Gaming has produced a lot of safe spaces, many job opportunities, careers and last but not least a lot of effort and dedication from the community. Gaming brings one united front and welcomes with open arms every new gamer. It looks forward for new integrations with younger and older generations. Words cannot express how big this integration means for gamers, people aspiring to be gamers and many more… We at ZBN are trying very hard to get a interview with FaZe and ManCity so they can answer all of our questions in regards the subject! Stay tuned for an UPDATE

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