Mobile gaming history! Do you agree?

Since the dawn of mobile devices the human mind has tried again and again to implement games on cellular phones as a way to play on the go without having to carry your gameboy

the mobile game “Snake” (which released in 1997)consisted of chasing a dot on your Nokia. Every time you ate it the snake grew and it became harder for you to maneuver in the screen. If you managed to interlope the snake it was an automatic disqualification. Since these phones were bricks who used keypad the controls were easy to play with.

UP – 2
DOWN – 8
LEFT – 4

Space Invaders” came on 2001 and then you had another option besides Snake.
This game consisted of moving the space ship up and down in the screen to avoid contact from the asteroids or enemy ships. By the time this game was introduced the controllers moved from being number keys to arrows and by pressing on them you was able to shoot and move, shoot and move.

“Bejewelled” was the the pivoting move that led to the creation of candy crush. Yeah, you heard it Candy Crush this huge game on the AppStore that everyone played even your own granny. The game consisted of matching three or more jewels in order to clear the level. The levels were getting harder and harder. Since this was the original it did not had add – ons on to help you during the level.

After the release of the iPod and iPhone the mobile game industry started to oversaturate. Good for us the users who have a lot of variety to pick from. There are over 20 Angry birds to pick, over 5 gardening escape. Racing, Cards, Puzzles, and many more categories. But of all the thousands of games released for mobile we are here to set the record straight with the top games in the industry.

1.Clash of Clans – The number one MMO for mobile, yes it does have a lot of categories such as fantasy, strategy but regardless is the most downloaded game with 500 million download with the most sold in-app purchases.

2. Plants vs. Zombies– This game was as puzzle and easy strategic game that you could choose from every gardening equipment including plants to stop the Zombies from reaching your backyard. The game was and is still fun today coming in with 100 million downloads.

3. Candy Crush Saga – This game is the same as Bejeweled with a lot more interaction levels, combos, and help included. This game has over 500 million downloads as well. Loved and playable by every generation.

The list can continue but if we are being honest and you are actually read to this part, it is amazing and I will send you flowers but let’s be real. We can only name top 3 based on downloads, lovability and retention. There are many other games worthy of mentioning I promise there are but not worth the time given the fact that we could all be here for more than a week naming games.

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