10 min. inside Microsoft store in Puerto Rico is all it took

Microsoft is a huge company and micromanage is not what the tech industry is known for. We want to make it clear to the reader, that the journalist who was researching it is a highly valuable employee and we at ESN will back his statement and support him all the way.

Microsoft opening day San Juan, Puerto Rico

Walked in the store around 9:16 am just to cover an article on monitors.MONITORS! “How monitors could help gamers and you should move from the tv and get yourself one. Which one is good to buy and such things” . It did not go as planned because there was nobody to greet. The employees were all sitting in a high table in the middle of the store talking about their night and future events of the day. To me right then and there should’ve been the “TURN AROUND AND WALK AWAY” . But I decided to continue my job and read about the monitors, computers and hope someone came to ask if i needed help. I would gladly explain and tell them what I my job was.

I decided to transport myself to the gaming laptops and one female employee decided to move in the isle right in front of me. Never, not even once decided to cross path with me. You would assume the store is full but NO. The store was completely empty just full of staff. Let me remind you this is a customer based store. Actually all stores are dedicated to customers, create relationships to make sales and meet quotas. Microsoft should look this up and asses the situation ASAP. Once the rolling security doors come up you try to help everyone in the store especially if the store is open.

I go to the store to seek info for a greater purpose(buying); but if i do not have a feedback why would i care what to buy. FIX THIS ISSUE because it would mean a great loss if the company shut down their store here because of this type of scenarios. I can guarantee that if they do this to me in a empty store imagine at peak hours.

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