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Call of Duty Mobile released as promise, yesterday at 12:01 am in the google play store as well on the IOS App Store. The game offers the same feelings and emotions as playing in console or PC while on the go. With a game that huge of course there are some PROS and CONS. Do not worry we will not get to them in a timely fashion. I Jean Zayas want you to analyze the game before jumping to conclusions based on your love/hatred for the franchise.

In the beginning the game offers a tutorial it is common on shooter games and you know it. It does provide you with two options for how your interface will be. You as a player have the ability to select the “Auto firing mode” or “Button Pressed”. In the auto mode all it changes is when the enemy is in your crosshairs the weapon automatically fires. NO, not all weapon systems are automatic. (REMEMBER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “FULLY AUTOMATIC”) different subject for different time; Anyhow asides from the shooting it has all the advantages, creating classes, adding perks, weapon attachments and many more. You can add killstreaks, edit them as well. The CON for hardcore gamers is that the game is only in CORE for now. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun.

Multiplayer gives you different options to play as a clan, 10 players maximum capacity and 3 out of 5 methods have a 40 points goal. Since you are not playing in your brothers console or fathers PC the gmae had to be lowered to a 40 points goal. It is completely fine since it takes about the same time as you would do in front of your tv. But if we are going to get down to business describing the different variations of multiplayer should be a must.

  • FRONTLINE- it is the same as TD but you spawn at the same location “your base”. We are completely aware that this opens a lot of opportunities for the team that have the advantage to sit and wait for your sorry arse to re spawn over and over.
  • TEAM DEATHMATCH- i will not lower myself to explain this category. If you don’t know what this is then maybe you souldn’t even download the game. Anywho the game is a team based effort to reach the 40 points goal by eliminating the opposing team.
  • DOMINATION- This section is a Love or Hate type, one day you will love dom or the next you want to throw away your remote, keep in mind that if that was the case you will not throw away your remote it will be your precious smartphone to which you use to communicate with special people in your life. The game consist of taking and defending three locations provided by the game.
  • SEARCH & DESTROY- This section if you do not know by now is pretty similar to the DOMINATION. Instead of having to defend or take the point you have to destroy the objective or defend your objective from being destroyed DUH’.

Leaving out Battle Royale, well the best is always left for last, the game is as competitive as GUNS of BOOM!. When they decided to implement a Battle Royale we wondered if the game was to become to hard to operate like PUBG that only “Little Fingers” can play it. To our surprise the BR experience was amazing. Creating a MMO in a different map is amazing, I would not be surprised if Modern Warfare will have a BR and create the same map.

The options for gameplay are simple you either play multiplayer or play battle royale. It is up to you if this game is for you. Campaing on this mobile device is not what you are looking for besides is 2019 shy of 2020. Battle Royale is the new trend, and Call of Duty is breaking ground for this. Yes fortnite and PUBG did it but when you play the game you’ll know what we are talking about.


The game offers great multiplayer competition for MOBILE DEVICES. I am in awe with how good the game actually is. Game of the Year here it comes.

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