Gaming is a $152.1 Bn industry

Everyone knows that this industry was big, but holy moly is HUGE. $152.1 billion industry it means that the global market for games are on a rise yearly. With a 9% increase from the previous year 2018 it means that more games are being put on the market and people are finding themselves with more spare time. This will lead to career opportunities, investment opportunities and much more. We will try to cover the basics on how the money is distributed and where does it lead to.

According to the market for jobs in the gaming industry are on the rise and have been on the rise for almost a decade. The AR/VR job opportunities have increased by more than 500% since 2014. The places that you most likely find more than one job opportunity in this field is in the following areas.

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If you ever have thought about pursuing a career in an industry that is devoted to the gamers as well the employees then this is the right industry. This industry average salary comes shy of 100k with premium benefits for the employees. Close to 2,400 companies with a manpower of 220,000 jobs in the U.S alone. When you do the math and transforms all those jobs and companies in production it comes in about $35 billion in revenue. Do I need to remind you that this is in U.S alone.

Big companies like treyarch and infinity ward offer huge benefits which in a time like this comes in handy. Most employees are more interested in the benefits packages than the regular standard salary. You know what is your worth and now that the employers know as well, only know employers are willing to compete by providing the best benefits to have a great retention plan and a happy workforce. [click on the companies named to see their benefits just in case you think I am BS you].

Since we have talked opportunities and revenue, we will transfer to actual market size, distribution and growth rate. As the image below states in 2019 Mobile took the lead with a $68.5Billion in size 45% of the pie. If you ask anyone that category alone is enough to make a huge impact in today’s society. That market as whole is huge and unstoppable as long the phone business don’t go backwards to a “Nokia brick” but the gaming apps are a dime a dozen. There are way more apps than the ones being played. Hundreds if not even thousands of apps get released to the App Store on a daily basis and if you do not see the problem in that well you have problem.

This pie while being divided into three segments

  • 45% Mobile – Tablets/Smartphones
  • 32% Console
  • 23% PC- Browser PC games/ Downloaded games

I thought you might wanted to know how big of a social economic impact this has done so far this year in your continent. This industry has so much to offer besides creating the games and managing the online servers; you can even earn money by streaming and other ideas.

The technology industry is only going to up. The gaming industry is going to grow and evolve with it. What our parents said “it’s not going to pay the bills” it is paying bills.

This is just to let you know that you are being a part of one of the biggest industry in the world. You are contributing to jobs creations, opportunities for newcomers, investors and many more so pad your chest and say it proudly “I AM A GAMER”.

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