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Before you go spending all of your “DINERO” setting a Hollywood production in the basement we need to cover a lot of ground. What separates great streamers from just plain old streamers is the setup and the production they put so much effort. So if you want your streaming to look like “Dr.Disrespect” or “Ninja” they you got to understand that these professional streamers earn a lot of money for this and it is not a hobby even though it might have started as one.

If you have the budget to create this operation from the beginning then go right ahead. But do not go into a spending spree thinking you are going to become the next big thing. If you are planning to stream on Twitch just know that there are roughly about 2.2 million live broadcasters. Big competition and 27,000 are Twitch Partners and me sharing this information with you is to inform you how big the competition is out there for you. Buying expensive equipment for your new business might be checked in the loss statement.

We decided to help you reach your goal as a professional streamer and building your dream studio with quality equipment at the right price.


Acer Predator XB273K

4K and HDR gaming monitor
Screen size: 27-inch
Panel type: IPS
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Response time: 4ms
Refresh rate: 144Hz
Weight: 15.9 pounds

Acer XR382CQK

One of the best curved gaming monitors on the market in 2019.
Screen size: 37.5-inch
Panel type: IPS
Aspect ratio: 24:10
Resolution: 3840 x 1600
Response time: 5ms  
Refresh rate: 75Hz
Weight: 23.61 lbs

HP OMEN 32″ 16:9 LCD Gaming Monitor

Screen size: 32″ (81.28 cm)
Panel type: IPS
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution:  2560 x 1440
Response time: 5ms  
Refresh rate: 75Hz
Weight: 21.61 lb 


Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Blackout)

This microphone is great but keep in mind you are going to need a pop filter and acoustic panels. This mic absorbs all noise around, if you are thinking of doing ASMR, this would be it. For better use you might consider buying a boom bar.

Rode NT-USB USB Microphone

A direct Mic. this should only cover the voice of the speaker and not the surrounding noise. If you are planning on creating great audio content in your streams practice with the yeti at first and then transfer to RODE.


Westcott 130 Wrinkle-Resistant Chroma-Key Backdrop (9 x 10′, Green Screen)

It looks amazing if you want your room decor to look like this. For some this will take all of your wall space and no availability for your Pokemon poster. Anyways the backdrop has a pole pocket and grommets for easy hanging. The matte fabric helps reduce reflected light and is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Impact Collapsible Background – 5 x 7′ (Chroma Green)

This Impact Collapsible Background is a small, easy to use accessory for shooting small objects or simple headshots. This is more our style, easy to use, easy to remove and keep it stored. If you have your streaming desk in your own bedroom this is a great fit, why? You can keep your safe space private will interacting with the world on regular basis.

Gaming chairs

You may not look at this as a big thing, but when you are streaming days on end. 8 to 12 hours a day your body will start to hurt, you will have jet lag for no reason. Well in order to keep your body comfortable we honestly say is best if you have a nice chair. We will not show a specific one given the fact that we all bodies feel or need different adjustments.


When talking about streaming deck, capture cards and other items we do have to recognize that el gato is the leading company for this. So respecting ranks we will show you what you will need from them.

For Capture cards we will need for you to look their webpage and seek the one that fits your needs. The he link is in the image below.

Stream decks

video source

For stream decks this is the XL. The XL as you can see from the video it has a lot of potential as you can personalize the deck to your likings and adding your lighting, mic volume, commercial breaks, etc….You can do all of this with all of the decks but the bigger the better.

This is the regular stream deck, it comes with 15 personalized buttons. It is great when you want to add voice overs, clips, funny noise and etcetera…

It has arrived even for iPhone users, now if own a IOS 12.2 or higher you can download the stream deck mobile and adjust your settings there and control your panel from it. We believe that you will look like you are texting on your phone while streaming and completely inappropriate but if you find a way to do it smoothly, go right ahead.


El l gato offers some great key lighting for you that you can attach to your stream deck and control the dimmer from there as well.

We cannot help you anymore because this is a trial and error business as you can have all the equipment but it will not guarantee you that you can become the next big thing.

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