Luigi vs King BOO are back

All right guys the nostalgia is kicking in with the new Luigi’s Mansion 3rd edition coming to Nintendo Switch. A game where Luigi’s stays in the brand new luxury resort and he is awaken by a scream and realize his friends are literally framed. By no other than his nemesis KING BOO , yes king Boo has set a trap for the beloved character but Luigi has to endure and overcome. You the player can play in co-op mode or play multiplayer with up to 8 friends. This hotel has an incredible amount of ghosts and professor E. Gadd will help you find their weakness so you can have a fair chance in the fight. Helping Luigi along the way is Gooigi. A electrical discharge that replicates Luigi as a gooey substance. Goo can do what Luigi can’t by slipping through cracks, walking by spikes among other things. As a player you can play with both back and forth and transfer the joystick and let a partner in crime do a co-op the entire time.The game will be available on October 31st, 2019 and we wish you a happy halloween.

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