4 days after COD: Modern Warfare

It t has been 4 days since the release of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. The game that is set to win GAME OF THE YEAR, predicted to become the top selling game of 2019. The developers decided to bring back to life one of our beloved character (Captain John Price) and post him in the main cover of the game. The campaign mode offers great quality and amazing storyline, after all they took a break from the campaign mode last year. This mode is better in content, shooting and above all cinematic cutscenes.

First screenshots of the gameplay

The last story mode that people actually took to heart was Black Ops in 2010. It blurs out the good guys from the bad guys until Mustache man “Cpt. Price” comes to the scene and shows his manliness on screen. Having Russia’s army become the enemy in the beginning it leaves a number of ways on how it could end the story, let us not jump into conclusions this early. The game mixes real countries with fictional ones giving room for future projects. The game offers disturbing and uncontrolled scenes that play with our emotions by shooting at unarmed woman and men. It teaches you the perks that will become your benefit when we talk about multiplayer!


Multiplayer is a big competition nowadays, knowing you can profit and make a career based on your gaming skills, quick reactions and good internet. R&D must have done a good research to eliminate Battle Royale(we will cover in the next paragraph), make ground war way bigger but not big enough to compete with Battlefield. In Blackops 4 core multiplayer it took way too much ammo to eliminate the competition and they corrected that issue. In Modern Warfare it cuts right in the middle from Core and Hardcore modes.

Battle Royale is by far the top trending gaming mode in 2019. But Blizzard pretty much said “F*** it”. Modern Warfare do not include the mode and instead, it gives you a Ground War mode. Ground war is a gargle funk of gamers thinking they are the 2nd Marine Division out of North Carolina. It consists of 32 players per team with a total of teams. (64 players) [hide the calculators, we got it] The settings are on two big maps, VERY BIG MAPS with 5 controlled points dispersed over it. Points are awarded by controlled points per second. The more controlled points you have the more points your team will be awarded.

Co-op missions are of a 4 man fireteam. They are complicated and the rewards are good, you can still climb the ranks in these modes and your weapon will gain XP points but not enough. Overall the game is a masterpiece, the graphics are insane, lighting effects are a turning point for the industry, camera angles are wide with a good range,audio is crisp and loud. Gameplay is 5 out of 5 and if you are NEW to gaming this is the game you would want to start with.


  • Most kills records (top 100) from cross platform. (PC,XBOX & PS4)

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